Meet the professionals

It’s the people who make the difference. For the client, they provide that little extra effort or set that little extra something that makes a campaign more surprising or relevant. So come and meet the people who make the media business so unique!

Image of Peter Mulder

Peter Mulder

Managing Director Orion Capital Netherlands
In three wordsSocial, commercial, impatient
cup of coffee
Lots of black from 6 a.m. and at 10:30 a.m. party with a "flat white"
Image of Sjors Kroon
In three wordsEnterprising, optimistic, social
cup of coffee
Very varied, cappuccino in the morning, espresso after lunch, a double after dinner...
Image of Rob Beijersbergen

Rob Beijersbergen

Commercieel directeur Qmusic & JOE
In three wordsdriven, loyal & athletic
cup of coffee
black and on Saturday morning cappuccino
Image of Joris van der Pol
In three wordsGedreven, ondernemend, ongeduldig.
cup of coffee
Espresso. And really the Italian variety; strong, freshly brewed by a knowledgeable barista, and -just like in Italy- for a euro.
Image of Max Broekhoff

Max Broekhoff

Nationaal Accountmanager
In three wordsSocial, Reliable, Optimistic
cup of coffee
Not, Just do a cup of tea or water :-)
Image of Aäron Loupatty

Aäron Loupatty

at BNR
In three wordsStubborn, ambitious and driven
cup of coffee
Black, preferably extra strong
Image of Edwin Werkman

Edwin Werkman

Founding father
In three wordsNot to do
cup of coffee
Bah, is nothing more than ground beans and incredibly hot water. A bakkie pleur is said here in Rotterdam. Above all: sugar lumps are for horses.
Image of Annebert Simons

Annebert Simons

sales director
In three wordsOptimistic, doer and goal-oriented
cup of coffee
Mostly black, but sometimes a cappuccino or with a little oat milk.
Image of Renee Koudstaal

Renee Koudstaal

Imago expert/ auteur / speaker / Parisienne
In three wordsenterprising, enjoying, traveling
cup of coffee
With milk, real milk and lots of sugar.
Image of Hilde Veeren

Hilde Veeren

Hoofdredacteur Elegance en Happy in Shape
In three wordsPositive, creative, go-getter
cup of coffee
Image of Emma Berkhout

Emma Berkhout

Brand Partnerships Manager
In three wordsOptimistic, Driven, Creative
cup of coffee
Actually no, except iced coffee in summer
Image of Maxime Hamburg

Maxime Hamburg

Marketing & Communicatiemanager
In three wordsEnergetic, enthusiastic and a touch cocky
cup of coffee
A cappuccino is still my favourite
Image of Lars Schotanus
In three wordsHard worker, (be)loyal(s) with a touch of humor
cup of coffee
Black during the week and a latte on a terrace in the sun.
Image of Remon Buter

Remon Buter

Chief Investment Officer
In three wordsDirect, Passionate, Sporty
cup of coffee
Image of Cora Bos

Cora Bos

Client Service Manager
In three wordsenergetic, perfectionist, social
cup of coffee
black, pure so
Image of Bas Schuddeboom

Bas Schuddeboom

Redacteur strips bij Donald Duck en Tina
In three wordsCreative, diplomatic, structured
cup of coffee
Preferably not (I don't like hot drinks).

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