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Retriever collects data from all ad-supporting Dutch media and turns it into transparent and valuable information. We offer several solutions for various information needs. Ranging from a quick, specific answer to a wide variety of (cross)media requests, up to thorough reach analyses.

Search, data & analytics abonnement

This subscription provides access to all of Retriever’s features, including Retriever Region. Ranging from a quick answer to a wide variety of (cross)media requests, to extensive reach analyses. The Retriever search data & analytics subscription gives you access to all information layers of the recorded media. A must for media professionals.

PR subscription

Recent years have shown a growing interest in PR. This fits in with brands’ needs to connect with their target audience in the most natural way possible. By offering this PR subscription, Retriever meets the need of PR managers to bring their messages to the attention of relevant media editors.

Subscriptions and pricing for 2024*

Search, data & analytics
€ 160 p/month
Search through > 7.500 media
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Campaign-oriented media selections
Based on theme, target audience, location, region, field of interest
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Extensive media data
Rates, circulation numbers, reach etc.
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NOBO reach data
Reader profiles and reach numbers for online media
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Save your media selections
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Editorial addresses
For your PR campaigns
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Editorial calendars
Met verschijningskalenders
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Media coverages on maps
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Regional socio-demografic data
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Personal login
You can use for working from home
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Access to additional tailor-made solutions
(Retriever Solutions)**
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* Entry-level price per month, excluding VAT, based on annual contracts and depending on type and size of the company.

** For customers with the search, data & analytics subscription, we offer Retriever Solutions. These are customized solutions for consulting, customized training and customized data integration contracts. Please contact us for all options.

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6.000+ media

Currently 2.415 publishers publish 6.335 media in Retriever.


Search, data & analytics

Clear insights in todays media. The perfect source for creating thorough analyses for your media plan.

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