Terms for Publishers/Media owners

1. Which media are recorded in Retriever?

In the media database Retriever.nl, Retriever Media Information (RMI) records data about periodically deployable media targeted at a broad audience, namely:

  • General interest magazines in the Netherlands which offer advertising opportunities
  • Trade press in the Netherlands which offer advertising opportunities
  • National and regional newspapers
  • Free local newspapers
  • Out of Home media: all media not situated within the home, such as traditional outdoor advertising opportunities (e.g. buses, over CLPs (City Light Panels), billboards, etc.), location-linked media (e.g. advertising in schools, cinemas, supermarkets, cafés, sports complexes, etc.) and in-store radio and television.
  • Online media:
    a. Websites, bloggers and influencers that form part of a country-wide sales network (e.g. Semilo)*
    b. Websites, bloggers and influencers that have a link with a traditional medium (e.g. LINDANIEUWS.nl as a line extension of the printed publication LINDA.)*
    c. IAB members, VINEX members
    d. Portals that are tagged by comScore**
    e. Websites, bloggers and influencers that participate in DDMM/GFK research**
    f. Websites, bloggers and influencers that occur in the Alexa Top 500 Sites in the Netherlands
  • RTV: national and regional radio and television broadcasters

* Retriever actively incorporates the media that fall under this inclusion criterion, in other words: Retriever strives for complete incorporation of these sites
** the media that fall under the remaining criteria are eligible for inclusion, but Retriever does not guarantee the complete incorporation of these sites.

2. What data is recorded in Retriever?

RMI offers its customers/ subscribers a database containing, among others, advertisement, branded content and editorial information relating to all Dutch media. RMI offers publishers/ media owners the opportunity to include in the database, free of charge, the following information about the media that they operate:

  • name of medium
  • general description
  • general contact information, sales and editor
  • regular rates and branded content propositions
  • campaign periods, theme planners and delivery periods
  • delivery periods
  • material data
  • research, including profiles and reach
  • (geographical) distribution data
  • photo of the medium

3. What does Retriever not record

RMI records all cross-media channels and media opportunities. The following specific cases are exceptions to this:

  • Product-specific activities, such as merchandising and tailor-made products
  • Annual publications that do not form part of a broader platform
  • Personal services, such as personal product promotion
  • Permanent advertisements (e.g. text on buildings and vehicles)
  • Out of Home media with a reach of < 2,500 persons

4. Responsibility and liability

When the data recorded in the database changes, the publisher/ media owner must inform RMI of this, or (if this is possible) modify or record the data in the database themselves.

The publisher/ media owner is responsible for supplying data to the RMI platform. This responsibility covers the following (among others) (i) ensuring the accuracy of the data provided, (ii) obtaining approval for the use of the particular data by the publisher/ media owner for further use by RMI and (iii) fulfilling further requirements stipulated by law, for the sharing of personal data on the RMI platform. The publisher/ media owner indemnifies RMI against all claims by third parties relating to the failure to observe this legislation and/ or these regulations by the publisher/ media owner. The indemnification also includes all damage and costs suffered or incurred by RMI in connection with such a claim.

RMI bears its own responsibility for the use of the data on its platform and guarantees that this data shall be used in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. The publisher/ media owner is aware of the fact, and shares the data with RMI for the purpose, that RMI shares this data with its subscribers. RMI is not responsible for its subscribers’ use of the data shared by the publisher/ media owner.
By supplying data to the RMI platform, the publisher/ media owner confirms its agreement with these conditions.

Information and conditions for publishers/ media owners – Version: 19 June 2018