The business and the revenue model

Retriever Media Informatie B.V. is an independent company and, since its establishment in 2000, has been leading in providing media information to media professionals. The company offers media applications and content services to clients and business partners.

The core business

The core of our business is to collect high-quality, reliable data and turn this into valuable information for media professionals. Our integrated approach makes sure media professionals are able to plan and analyse across all media. The data, combined with the user-friendly tools that enable you to retrieve information from the database in ready-made chunks, offers a clear solution to all phases of the communication process: from strategy to planning and execution. We ourselves come from the media industry and, like no other, understand what information and data is relevant to you.

The revenue model

Retriever’s revenue model is in line with our objective: providing objective high-quality media information to media professionals. This is only possible when in a neutral and independent position and by working together with all publishers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. All media owners can list their media free of charge. We do this because we want to be complete. Retriever subscribers pay to consult the information in the media database. Retriever provides the business intelligence, the bookings are done by agencies and advertisers themselves. This way, Retriever preserves its independent neutrality.

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Our business objective

Providing high-quality data and valuable information to media professionals.

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