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It’s the people who make the difference. For the client, they provide that little extra effort or set that little extra something that makes a campaign more surprising or relevant. So come and meet the people who make the media business so unique!
Image of Edwin Werkman

Edwin Werkman

Founding father
In three words: Not to do
cup of coffee
Bah, is nothing more than ground beans and incredibly hot water. A bakkie pleur is said here in Rotterdam. Above all: sugar lumps are for horses.
This interview has been translated, the original language is: Dutch

Short introduction

What are you proud of?
That we grew as a start-up in 2009 to a full-fledged group of agencies and are now playing Premier League. And all through organic growth.
In your free time, what do you like to do most?
In my sparse free time, I like to do odd jobs. On the business side, that went out of 'the way' by building our new office in Rotterdam in-house: 2,200 m2 of media experience. But also privately the necessary projects carried out in recent years.
Did you know that I…
.... Crazy about all Dutch-language music. Django Wagner, Ferry de Lits, Arjon Oostrom, Alex, René Schuurmans, Wesley Klein, Joel Borelli, Jeffrey Heesen, Wesley Bronkhorst, Frank Verkooyen, John de Bever....I've got them all on the shelf
Where would you go in a time machine and with whom/why?
To the early '80s with Anita Meyer and/or BZN. And then experience 'Op Volle Toeren' again

Edwin's Recommendations

What book would you recommend?
Guilty pleasure: alle foute films van Steven Seagal.
Can you recommend a good restaurant?
Vista in Willemstad (North Brabant). Combination of top quality and affordable: quite unique these days.

Last but not least

What is your favourite quote?
"Success is like being pregnant: everybody says congratulations, but nobody knows how many times you were fucked."
Image of Joris van der Pol
In three wordsGedreven, ondernemend, ongeduldig.
cup of coffee
Espresso. And really the Italian variety; strong, freshly brewed by a knowledgeable barista, and -just like in Italy- for a euro.
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