VIA Netherlands and MWG merge and continue under the name VIA


On September 1, 2023, VIA Netherlands and MWG will merge and jointly continue under the name VIA. MWG, founded in 1971, focuses on knowledge sharing and networking opportunities in commercial communications. VIA Netherlands, created in 2021 by the merger of VEA and IAB Netherlands, is a broader-based industry association with research, events and international connections. Both organizations are merging because they share common goals, ambitions and members. Members will benefit from an expanded network and more events.

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Image of Arno Kantelberg
Arno Kantelberg
Hoofdredacteur at ModMod
In three words: Handsome, brilliant, humble
cup of coffee
Out of my Sage Oracle Plus (cappuccino) or at my coffee friend Hilmi's on the bridge (also cappuccino). With plain milk, no sugar.

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