Retriever Buzzword van de maand: Paid media

Paid media

Media you can use for a fee. You buy space or time from medium types such as print, out-of-home, RTV or online. An advantage of paid media is that you know in advance the approximate reach and contacts you can achieve. It is instantly deployable and scalable, and you can also accurately determine the message and expression. In this sense, using paid media gives you reasonable control over your communications. Examples of paid media...

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Image of Joris van der Pol
Joris van der Pol
Algemeen directeur OMS at Talpa Media Solutions
In three words: Gedreven, ondernemend, ongeduldig.
cup of coffee
Espresso. And really the Italian variety; strong, freshly brewed by a knowledgeable barista, and -just like in Italy- for a euro.

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