Talpa Network expands its social influencer portfolio with 7 new talents


Social1nfluencers, part of Talpa Network, is collaborating with Supergaande, formed by Qucee and Nesim, and with 538 DJs Julia van Reyendam, Jordi Warners, and William Hunswijk. These collaborations coincide with the return of the Social1nfluencers label, which promotes interaction between brands and content creators. The network is expanding with new talents and an enlarged YouTube Multi-Channel Network, including channels such as that of Soufiane Touzani. Paul van den Heuvel, head of Social1nfluencers, discusses the focus on creativity and promoting success in digital content.

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Meet the professionals…

Image of Peter Burghoudt
Peter Burghoudt
uitgever / hoofdredacteur at VOL-MAGAZINE
In three words: don't give up...! or driven, passionate, results-oriented.
cup of coffee
Preferably a doppio macchiato, with real milk, I don't participate in the oat milk hype!

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