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LINDAmeiden.nl en LINDA.nl

An online column in the look & feel of LINDA. or LINDA.meiden that ties in with the other editorial content and needs of the target group. For example, a thematic section with a minimum series of three 'episodes' written in consultation with the editors. A clickout can be used to link to the advertiser's site. The section is used for a campaign period, but will in principle remain findable on LINDA.nl for one year. The sponsored section consists of 3 sponsored editorial articles, 3 Instagram stories, 3 placements in the newsletter and 3 times a Facebook post. Within the Retriever.nl database you will find a complete overview of all possibilities.

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Image of Joris van der Pol
Joris van der Pol
Algemeen directeur OMS at Talpa Media Solutions
In three words: Gedreven, ondernemend, ongeduldig.
cup of coffee
Espresso. And really the Italian variety; strong, freshly brewed by a knowledgeable barista, and -just like in Italy- for a euro.

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