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RTL Nieuws & Entertainment

As of April 2024, RTL Nederland will integrate RTL Nieuws into the RTL.nl domain and its associated app, following the earlier integration of RTL Boulevard starting from November 2023. DPG Media will continue to manage display sales on the updated platform within the DPG Publishing Partner Network, offering both programmatic and manual purchasing options for display advertisements, divided into Entertainment and News sections. The new RTL Nieuws & Entertainment app consolidates all RTL components into a single interface. Despite the integration, the editorial teams of RTL Nieuws and RTL Boulevard will remain independent to provide news and entertainment.

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Meet the professionals…

Image of Erwin Struyk - de Gast
Erwin Struyk - de Gast
Teammanager Digital Operations at Adalliance / RTL
In three words: Positive, determined, curious
cup of coffee
Preferably in company and with a bit of sugar and milk.

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