New digital knowledge platform '' for horticulture sector

In December 2023, KAS Magazine launched a new digital knowledge platform '' for the horticulture sector. This platform will feature much of the content from KAS Magazine, supplemented by photo, video and podcasts, among other things. KAS Magazine strives to represent the horticultural sector in a representative way, focusing on passionate entrepreneurs and active companies. Throughout the year, key topics within horticulture are highlighted. Information on advertising opportunities can be found in Retriever.

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Meet the professionals…

Image of Arno Kantelberg
Arno Kantelberg
Hoofdredacteur at ModMod
In three words: Handsome, brilliant, humble
cup of coffee
Out of my Sage Oracle Plus (cappuccino) or at my coffee friend Hilmi's on the bridge (also cappuccino). With plain milk, no sugar.

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