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Retriever Media News delivers important media news to media and communication professionals via the website, monthly newsletters and the daily news-carousels.

retriever media news online

Retriever Media News is being read by Retriever subscribers and is also available to non-subscribers. This makes it a significant source of media news for anyone working in the media industry.

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digital newsletter

The digital newsletter is actively requested and therefor actively read. This free monthly newsletter is being sent to approximately 5,000 media and communication professionals. It contains the most important Retriever Media News of the past month. It also offers publishers commercial advertising space.

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A3 panels agency network

In cooperation with Altermedia, Retriever distributes the Retriever Media News via the agency network on a monthly basis. This network comprises 32 agencies and 85 A3-panels in total. These are located in areas generating high exposure, such as restrooms. By agreement there is a limited advertorial space available in this newsletter.

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news carousels

The five most recent news items will be displayed in the news-carousels. These rotating sections containing Retriever Media News can be found on Retriever’s homepage as well as on the landing page of subscribers logging in to the media database. This way you will be assured the news will be brought to the attention of media professionals while they are working. A perfect moment.

commercial availabilities

commercial availabilities

retriever news channels online
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