A persona is a fictional character, that represents a real, existing customer type. The persona is comprehensively described based on name, age, work, living situation and conditions, and hobbies.

The description of a persona is made based on (research into) customer profiles.These profiles can be created from information such as socio-demographic data, derived from target audience research. Specific profile information, such as target audience interests, can also be collected by analysing internet behaviour with the help of cookies. The more accurate the profiles are, the more detail can be used to describe a persona, and the more effective it can be used by publishers and advertisers.

Personas for publishers: by aligning your content to personas you are better equipped to respond to the needs of your readers or consumers.

Personas for advertisers: personas can help advertisers understand the emotional triggers, or causes of certain behaviour, among their customers. These insights are important to help determine the correct media strategy and to review the relevance of a medium for an ad campaign.